Hello, this is

feinwasser is the artistic alias and outlet of me, Lukas Böhm.

It all started as a clothing label when I was young, naive and broke. Me and a friend sold fair trade shirts with my designs from a totally transparent supply chain for a pay what you want price because we actually believed you could build an anticapitalist company in a capitalist system.

Two burnouts, a month in the mental ward and some therapy later I have finally learned to contain my activism to the limits of what my mental health can handle. I freelance as a graphic and web designer, sell paintings and sculptures and have a part time job as an IT-Guy for an NGO I like.

I am happy to be able to run feinwasser without pressure or constraints now. The shirts are still fair and everything I do is still as transparent as possble. But I am neither dependent on the money this shop makes nor do I try to convince you or me that by buying stuff here you are gonna make the world a better place. You are going to make me happy and hopefully yourself happy by buying here and that’s it. But I think that is plenty and if you actually read all this it already feels like a bit of recognition for my work and you can treat yourself by saving 20% with the code yeahireadallthat at the checkout!

Thanks, Lukas

lol if you can read this, something stupid went wrong. I hid my mail behind a fetch request because I don't need more bots crawling the web and sending me spam, but apparently the fetch did not work or you are suddenly offline. But you are lucky! I thought of a backup dumb enough it might just work: